Brüder - "Photographs"

Artist's Opening Reception
Saturday, December 6th, 5pm - 8pm.

Gallery 169 is excited to announce and host a collaboration of two accomplished photographers becoming one.

There is a decisive moment in our life when questioning our bodily relationship to the expanding cosmos is made loud and clear. Only with fearless enthusiasm, experimental procedure, and perhaps a bit of perspective can we inch closer to knowing our true selves. It is a quest left only to dreamers and fools alike. The large scale photographic prints in Brüder's breakout exhibition that opens this Saturday deal with this very urge to radically decontextualize what has become all too familiar. This line of thinking has inspired a tag team duo down a path of explosive beauty and authentic gratitude for the simple mysteries of life. Hi-speed capture of novelty pyrotechnics, passionate hair growth frozen in full windmill, and the gaze-like study of the body itself invite wonder and awe in what becomes the truly sublime.

"Photographs" will be on view at Gallery 169 through Thursday, January 15, 2015.

Complimentary valet parking available the night of the opening.