Aaron Kramer - "Selfie"

Artist's Opening Reception

Saturday, November 14th, 5pm - 8pm.

Gallery 169 is proud to present "Selfie" new works by Aaron Kramer.

Aaron Kramer is a multidimensional artist who works in wood, metal and paint. He is an inventor of "contraptions", a weaver and a painter. This self reflective body of work was developed on a recent 3 year hiatus in London. In this time he explored new materials and techniques surrounding the theme of the "Selfie", that innate desire that most people have to say, "I was here" with an arm's length snapshot in time. His portraits are rough and direct. Painted on found wooden panels recovered on his daily bicycle commute to the studio. His machines are mesmerizing mechanical wonders. Twisted and welded wire, hand cut wooden gears and even a machine that draws selfies! All of these works explore the deeper meanings of identity, place and self. "

"Selfie" will be on view at Gallery 169 from November 14th - December 31st, 2015. 

Complimentary valet parking available the night of the opening.